Desert Island Discs

Meet the members of the Bristol Chamber Choir and find out what makes their list...


MD Interview Special

At interview we asked each candidate for one piece of choral music they absolutely couldn't do without. Here's what they chose.

June 2021 - John Merriman

Following Jack as a bass we now have John the Jack, continuing the trend of fascinating and illuminating DID choices.

May 2021 - Charlotte Obolensky

Our first female Chair, Soprano Charlotte invites us to her Island with a wonderfully varied and tempting selection of music.

April 2021 - Anne Colley

Continuing with the Colleys, Anne takes the reigns of DID for April and steers us to somewhere very interesting!

March 2021 - Jack Colley

One half of BCC power couple the Colleys, Jack is the second of our beloved basses to make us a list of five.

February 2021 - Victoria Owens

Author Victoria is our first Alto taking part in the BCC DID saga. What pieces will she fascinate and delight us with?

January 2021 - Jessica Bruno

Ringing in (hopefully) a better year for everyone, the choir's only female Tenor takes a shot at DID.

2020 Christmas Special

In lieu of our Christmas performances this year the BCC committee were invited to choose a favourite carol each to make up this BCC DID...

December 2020 - Alice Bingham

Superstar first Soprano Alice is the first under-thirty to be stranded on BCC's island in the South China Sea. What would she take with her?

November 2020 - Gordon Pullin

What does our esteemed MD listen to on his own time?

October 2020 - Simon Taylor

Kicking off this great endeavour is first bass Simon Taylor. What five discs would he be marooned with for evermore?